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4UROR4 is an independent Uruguayan show, formed by Nicolás & Roberto Ventura, two uruguayan producers who resides in Spain. The group was formally born in 2013 and since then the Ventura brothers have developed full experiences based on electronic sounds synchronized with visual effects. They also like to incorporate different types of artists to the group performances to create different atmospheres and feelings.

The name 4UROR4 is the encryption of its phonetic name Aurora. In this way, the A is equivalent to the number 4, in an attempt to evolve and make reference on how everithing is encrypted nowadays. They also played with numerology, where the number 4 represents the struggle against the limits, the creation and in addition the 44 represents the last master number.

But the real origin comes from the similarity of the northern lights with the laser atmospheric effects, therefore 4UROR4 is not only sound but an integrative project, where the instrumentation is not exhausted in the synthesizers but it is added to science fiction visual instruments such as laser beams and effects.

From the beginning they have incorporated different disciplines, always trying to generate euphoria and without losing their essence in order to add auditory sensations. In musical terms, while the genre that most identifies them is progressive house, 4UROR4 is nourished by constant experimentation, merging different sounds, playing with fusions and limited only by the imagination.

Since 2013 they have performed live throughout Uruguay with their tours SenseSessions, GoOn, Skyforce, NonStop and in 2016 WR1 (We are one) with which they have achieved notoriety and massive presentations for more than 7000 spectators. In 2017 they release their first single Shine On and in 2018 their 2nd single called Air, both having a great impact in the audience.

After the 2020 pandemic, the group decided to reallocate in Spain and prepare their next tour in the Europe.

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